Colour Measurement Instruments

TP800 Spectrophotometer

Product Details:
  • Product type: Spectrophotometer
  • Display: Touchscreen Display


The TP800 is a highly precise and stable spectrophotometer offered by Testronix which is designed and works on the principle of LED spectroscopy. It classifies the light according to its wavelength and the sensor array assembly performs highly accurate and responsive inspection. The instrument is abridged to any color used in industries.

The engineers and scientists of Testronix have compared the instrument with many another spectrophotometer internationally and found that the maximum error exhibited by the Testronix instruments was under ± 1.5 whereas the error exhibited by Japanese spectrophotometer was under the range of ± 1.0 which implies that the product of Testronix is completely compatible with international markets.

The device is easily portable and has an ergonomic design for easy operation.

Other details: 

  • Illumination or Observation system: 45/0 method
  • Integrating Size of Sphere: 58 mm (Diameter)
  • Light Sources: Combined LED sources
  • Sensor: Silicon photodiode array
  • Illuminant: D65,D50, A,C,D55, D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12
  • Color Space Indices: CIE LAB, XYZ, Yxy, LCh, CIE LUV, HunterLAB
  • Minimum Interval Between two measurements: 1.5 s
  • Diameter of Measuring Aperture: 8 mm
  • Wavelength range: 400~700 nm
  • Communication: USB/RS 232
  • Display: Capacitive
The other chromaticity data that is used for best analysis include the following.
  • YI(ASTM D1925, ASTM 313)
  • TI(ASTM E313, CIE/ISO)
  • WI(ASTM E313, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter)
  • Metamerism Index (Mt)
  • Color Fastness
  • Color Stain
  • Capacitive Touchscreen featured
  • 45/0 geometrical optics structure
  • Software based output
  • Silicon photodiode array sensor
  • Two standard observer angles
  • Visible Spectrum 400~700 nm Reflectance curve


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: TP800

TP110 Precision Color Measurement Instrument

Product Details:
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Display: 2.8 Inch at 16 : 9 TFT true color
  • Product type: Color Measurement Instrument

TP110 is an extensively sued testing instrument that is used in industries for accurate and precise color measurement. There many new features that are integrated with this products by competent and efficient scientists of Testronix. The instrument ahs double locating features that are illuminating and cross locating. Along with that, there are also two measuring end faces provided with the instrument i.e. large area and small area measurement.
There is an inbuilt white plate calibration feature which allows operating the instrument without the needs for calibration on every usage. The instrument runs on a Li-ion battery which rechargeable and provides a capacity of 3200 mAH and 3.7 V. With its high efficiency and stable results, it is highly recommended for industries where color measurement is a major part of the manufacturing process and quality control.

Illuminating/Viewing Geometry8/d
Measuring ApertureΦ4 mm
DetectorSilicon photoelectric diode
LocatingIlluminating Locating/Cross Locating
Measurement End FaceLarge stable end-face and small concave-convex end-face
Color SpaceCIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b*, CIEXYZ
Color Difference FormulaE*ab L*a*b* E*C*h*
Light SourceD65
Light Source DeviceLED blue light excitation
Errors Between Each Equipment≤0.80ΔE*ab
Storage100 pcs standards 20000 pcs samples
RepeatabilityStandard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.08
Weight450 g
Dimension205x67x80 mm
Power sourceRechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7 V @ 3200 mAh
Lamp Life5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements
Charging Time8 hours--100% electricity
Printer (optional)Miniature thermal printer
Storage100 Standards, 20000 Samples
Operating Temperature0~40???32~104 DegreeF

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: TP110

TP310 Portable Color Measurement Instrument

Product Details:
  • Material: Mild Steel

TP310 is a highly precise and accurate testing instrument that is used for color measurement in different industries. The device has incorporated many features of color measurement devices in the international market. The testing instrument undergoes numerous testing procedures that ensure that the customers get the best and most accurate products for their industries.
The ergonomic design and easy operation of the device makes it a must have in almost every industry. There is also a stable IC platform incorporated with the device along with a fast algorithm which enables the instrument to perform faster and provide stable and repeatable results. It is a multifunction machine which is a must have for every industry where color quality management control is needed. It is available to customers at leading prices in industry.


Illumination/Observation system 8/d (8º illumination angle/diffuse viewing)Measuring Aperture 8 mm, 4 mm(Diameter)*Optional: 8 mm (Diameter) extended aperture
Light Sources D-65, D-50, A (LED Blue light excitation)Detector Silicon photoelectric diode
Color Spaces Indices Yellowness & Whiteness color fastness CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b*CIEXYZ CIERGB CIEL*u*v* CIEL*C*h
Minimum Interval Between measurement Approx 1.0sMeasuring range L:0 to 100
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: TP310

Colour Matching Cabinet


  • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
  • Wide Viewing Area
  • High Quality Light sources used.

  • Angle of Viewing Booth = 45 Degree
  • Viewing Booth Material = Wood or Steel
  • Lights = D 65 Artificial Daylight, TL 84 Triphosphor Fluorescent Light, UV Black light Ultra Violet Black Light, TFL Tungsten Filament Light, CWF Cool White Light
  • Time Totalizer accuracy = +- 0.2% over entire range
  • Viewing Area = L 675 x W 455 x H 400 mm
  • Time Totalizer Least Count = 1/10 h
  • Read out = 99999.9 hr.
  • Size of tube light = 2 Feet

Colour Matching Cabinet- Euro

Color Matching Cabinet Spectrum EURO is a consistent tool useful for visual assessment and evaluation of colors. Used in various industries and laboratories to maintain quality and color consistency of a sample to detect the phenomenon of metamerism.


  • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
  • Wide Viewing Area
  • High Quality Light sources used.


Color Matching Cabinet - USA

Color Matching Cabinet Spectrum USA is a consistent tool useful for visual assessment and evaluation of colors. Used in various industries and laboratories to maintain quality and color consistency of a sample to detect the phenomenon of metamerism.


  • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
  • Wide Viewing Area
  • High Quality Light sources used.


Gloss Meter

Tri - angle Gloss Meter process gives good correlation with visual gloss or shining by ensuring that the sample is kept flat. The degree of correlation decreases as the specimen tilted from being flat. This method is widely used to measure the surface quality and shining appearance.

It is a portable, compact, & perfect device which is designed in two models i.e. mains operated laboratory purpose and handy battery operated for the measurement of geometry 20o, 60o, 85o. It can be used for the measurement of gloss/brightness of Paints; Opaque Glasses; Plastics; Ceramics; Porcelains; Paper; Cloths; Pigments; Powder etc. This instrument is also used for measurement of Brightness/whiteness of Plantation white sugar & measurement of reflectance of fabrics.

The tri-angle Gloss Meter features with 20°, 60°, and 85° angles, comply with international standards: ISO2813, GB/T 9754, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457.


  • Simultaneous measurements of three angles.
  • It has inbuilt software with powerful functions.
  • Display multi-group testing data simultaneously.
  • User-Friendly controls.
  • Portable Device


Measurement Units of Gloss:

The range of the Device – 0-10GU, 10-100GU, 100-1000GU

Reproducibility of the Device – ± 0.2GU, ± 0.5GU, ± 0.5%GU

Repeatability of the Device – ± 0.1GU, ± 0.2GU, ± 0.2%GU

Measurement Standard: JJG696 First class Gloss Meter working requirement

Chromaticity Corresponding: CIE 1931(2°) under CIE C light source

Standard Accessories: Power Adapter, User Manual, USB cable, Calibration Plate, and software CD (except basic model)
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